The Santa Cruz Haggadah
Kid's Passover Fun Book

"Why is this Haggadah different from all others?"
"Because it's meaningful, and it's fun!"

The Santa Cruz Haggadah is used by Jews of all religious affiliations, knowledge bases, and ages; it is used as the primary haggadah, and as a supplemental haggadah; and, it is frequently used at mixed marriage, multi-religious, and some Church seders. Over 50,000 have already been sold globally.

"And what about the kids?"
"Make it fun for them, too!"

The Kids Passover Fun Book leads kids through the Passover story with all sorts of games, puzzles, fill-ins, a maze, word games and tons of cartoons to color from The Santa Cruz Haggadah. They can use it to participate if they want to, or as distraction if they don't. Many people give these as Afikomen presents.

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